PDO Thread Lift: Everything You Need to Know

Oct 01, 2022
PDO Thread Lift: Everything You Need to Know
Sagging, drooping skin is, unfortunately, part of skin’s aging process, and no matter what steps you take, you’re going to notice some of that happening. Fortunately, you can fight back — with a PDO thread lift. Here’s how it works

No matter how kind you are to your skin, age catches up eventually, and that means you’ll be left with sagging skin that makes you look older — sometimes a lot older — than you feel. There was a time when you had two options: have a surgical face-lift or live with your sagging cheeks and jowls. 

But today, there’s a third option: It’s called a thread lift, and it’s a great way to restore your youthful appearance without resorting to surgery. As a top-ranked medical spa in West Hollywood and Glendale, California, Luxbae offers PDO thread lift treatments to help women and men look and feel their youthful selves. Here’s how a thread lift works.

Thread lifts 101

Most skin sagging happens when your body decreases its production of collagen, a natural protein that forms a supportive network for your skin. Years of sun damage, genetics, hormone changes, and just plain aging all contribute to the decline in collagen production. When your skin makes less collagen, that supportive network weakens, leading to sagging.

A PDO thread lift works in two ways: first, to physically lift your skin, and second, to help stimulate collagen production in the area surrounding the sutures. PDO stands for polydioxanone, the material used in most absorbable sutures — the kind of sutures that are absorbed by your body instead of being removed by a doctor. 

Thread lifts use PDO sutures that have tiny barbs on their ends. Once injected under your skin, those barbs grab a tiny bit of your skin, and when the suture is gently pulled taut, your skin is also lifted. 

The suture also creates a type of “controlled damage” deep in the skin layers. Your body responds by producing more collagen in the area as part of the natural healing process. Over time, the collagen forms strong networks that help support your skin once the suture itself has been absorbed.

PDO thread lift treatment: What to expect

PDO thread lift treatments are performed right in the office and take less than an hour. There’s no need for anesthesia — local anesthetics numb your skin and keep you comfortable. There’s no downtime either, so you can go back to your regular routines right after your treatment. (Just don’t rub the area, and avoid sleeping on your side for a couple of weeks to avoid dislodging the sutures.)

Afterward, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in skin sagging, especially in the problematic jowl area. You can continue to see improvements over the next few weeks as new collagen fibers form and your supportive network is restored.

Thread lifts aren’t designed to take the place of a face-lift in very wrinkled skin; instead, they’re a great option for moderate sagging  and as a treatment for:

  • Lines and wrinkles in the lower face
  • Drooping cheeks
  • Sagging around the neck area
  • Lines around the mouth (“smoker’s lines”)

As noted, they’re especially helpful in firming up the jowl area, one of the areas where the effects of sagging skin are often the most dramatic.

Learn more about PDO thread lift treatment

Most PDO thread lift treatments last for months — up to 18 months, in fact. You can extend and enhance your results with other treatments, including Botox® injections, dermal fillers, and other noninvasive options.

To learn more about the PDO thread lift and whether it’s a good choice to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, call 310-299-4444 or book an appointment online with the team at Luxbae today.

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