The Benefits of RF Treatments

Jan 18, 2023
The Benefits of RF Treatments
Radiofrequency energy uses cutting-edge technology to rejuvenate skin, helping women and men achieve their aesthetic goals without surgery. Here are seven ways RF treatments could help you.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans turn to radiofrequency treatments to help them look and feel their absolute best. Also called RF therapy, radiofrequency treatments offer multiple cosmetic benefits without surgery and without a prolonged recovery time.

With locations in West Hollywood and Glendale, California, Luxbae uses the Evolve® and Morpheus8® systems by InMode®, a leader in nonsurgical RF treatment systems. If you’ve been wondering about RF treatments and whether they could help you achieve your aesthetic goals, these are five important benefits you should know about.

Firm up sagging skin

Youthful skin looks and feels firm mainly because of its strong networks of collagen, a protein abundant in our skin when we’re young. As we get older, our skin produces less collagen, and skin loses its firmness. Before you know it, you’re seeing the earliest signs of jowling.

RF treatments help reduce skin laxity by promoting collagen development inside your skin. Gentle energy emitted by the RF device penetrates skin and creates “controlled damage” that ramps up collagen production over time, so skin looks and feels firmer.

Smooth out lines and wrinkles

As your skin loses its natural resilience, lines and wrinkles suddenly become more visible. Having RF treatments rebuilds collagen structures that keep your skin looking smooth, and it also promotes production of other substances necessary for reducing lines and wrinkles, especially in the midface and around your eyes.

Eliminate cellulite

Our team uses the Morpheus8 system to eliminate lumpy, bumpy, jiggly cellulite on your arms, legs, or other parts of your body. Morpheus8 combined RF technology with microneedling to promote tissue remodeling so skin looks and feels smoother.

Improve skin tone and texture

Years of sun damage, stress, illness, and environmental exposure all take a toll on our skin’s texture and tone. RF treatments help skin feel softer and smoother to the touch, and they can also reduce or eliminate dark spots, like age spots or blemish spots.

Reduce the appearance of scars

RF energy breaks down damaged tissue that forms visible scars, including acne scars. By promoting collagen development, that damaged tissue is replaced by new, healthy tissue so scars look less visible.

Correcting sun damage

Sun exposure causes about 90% of the visible changes we see in our skin as we get older. By promoting the development of new, healthy collagen fibers and promoting other natural healing responses, RF treatments help reverse these problems for healthier-looking skin as you age.

One treatment, multiple areas

Some aesthetic treatments are designed to work on just one area, like your upper face or your neck. RF treatments are much more versatile. Our treatments can be used in multiple areas, including your entire face, your neck, your arms or legs, and even your chest. 

More benefits

For most patients, one of the biggest benefits of RF treatments is that they’re nonsurgical. That means you won’t need any anesthesia and your recovery time is much faster — in fact, aside from some mild redness and tenderness, there’s no real downtime associated with RF treatments.

Noninvasive RF treatments don’t involve any potential infection risk, either, and they’re safe for all skin types. Treatments are also completely adjustable and customizable, for naturally beautiful results. And of course, radiofrequency rejuvenation is much less costly than surgical options, too.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder RF treatments are so popular. To learn how a custom radiofrequency treatment plan can help you reach your aesthetic goals, call 310-299-4444 or book an appointment online with the team at Luxbae today.

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